Our professional employees and huge network across Europe are the key to our success. We offer businesses and public and private organizations consultancy services related to:





Funding opportunities through Erasmus+ projects and Turing Scheme projects

There are so many areas in need of improvement, and the Erasmus+ projects and Turing Scheme projects are outlining clear priorities. Following their guidelines and the areas they wish to support we have secured funding for different projects of key importance, and we are confident that our expertise will come in handy securing the funding for your next project.

We carry out projects in the following areas: professional training, international mobility with learning purposes, internships, training of young professionals and more.

Project writing and implementation

We have broad experience and knowledge in project development and implementation of Erasmus+ Projects and now the Turing Scheme. Even though, UK is no longer an EU Member State, we can still offer consultancy and support in project application and execution of Erasmus + projects. Our focus is shifting towards Turing Scheme and we can now support you all the way through.

Evaluation and consultancy in the hospitality sector

We have a strong focus on the Hospitality sector and our goal is to help shape and transformation the hospitality industry for the better. We work with different establishments, giving them access to qualified workers, consultancy services, evaluation of their performance, mystery client services and much more.

Education, trainings and internship opportunities worldwide

Knowledge is the key to everything and we strive to provide quality education combined with practical experience to shape the workforce that can transform the hospitality industry and improve the quality of the services to a superb level. We work internationally to provide worldwide opportunities.

Euro Academy Consulting NUF

Established in Oslo, Norway, EuroAcademy Consulting NUF has become a trusted partner for students and professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge through innovative and engaging educational programs.

Euroacademy Consulting NUF is a proud member of AMFORHT, the global network dedicated to promoting education and training in the tourism and hospitality sector.


Academia and Industry are two different worlds, which operate on different pedestals. Both have different purposes and different ideologies. However, the rapid pace of change in the outside environment is compelling these two different worlds to come together to address and solve some of the real-world challenges and Erasmus Academy UK is working around the clock to bridge the gap between the Academia and the Industry with focus on the Hospitality Industry in particular.

Erasmus Academy UK Ltd. is your trusted partner for education and talent development. Our participation in Erasmus+ funded projects and the Turing Scheme projects ensures that we are at the forefront of the international education landscape.