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About us

Erasmus Academy UK Ltd.

In our work we focus on globalization and the knowledge exchange. The most important impact we want to have is to prepare the new generation for the challenges we face, and the changing job market requirements. There is still a gap between education and the real work market and a lot of industries are facing shortage of staff, especially the hospitality industry. Our learners are taking advantage of the up-to-date study programs we have and the practical internships we offer. On the other hand the companies we work with and consult, are giving us feedback on the real job market an help us bridge the work gap, while in return we are giving them access to well-prepared young professionals with relevant skills and the right mind-set.

Who We Are

Erasmus Academy UK Ltd. aims to improve the quality of the learning process through learning mobilities. Through different projects, we will have the chance to provide our learners with new and exciting opportunities to gain industry relevant skills and kick start their career. 

Our Commitment

Erasmus Academy UK Ltd. is committed to implement different project, driven by the following needs:

Develop the skills of professionals trained in Erasmus Academy UK Ltd. according to the new needs in Hotel Industry included in the mobility practice program.

Need to raise learners’ interest in the learning process through the use of knowledge and skills and awareness of the importance of their application.

Enhance the attractiveness of international vocational education in the field of hotel industry for employers linking education to business and work employment.

Establishment of international contacts with educational organisations, companies, hotels in cooperation with employers and business to improve existing VET programs.

To provide VET learners support for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes to improve their personal development and employability on international labor market.

To develop and implement a working model for successful integration of trainees by motivating, acquiring "soft skills" for employment.

To develop good international VET practice by providing flexible training models.We encourage our learners to take advantage of this opportunity, as we are going to turn them into more competent and highly employable individuals. Landing your first job after graduation is never easy, but we can make it happen.

Our Mission

To prepare the coming generations for an ever changing job market, for a globalizing world, for a future full of surprises. Our goal is to support both individuals and businesses within the hospitality sector to become the best version of themselves and provide superb services to the clients.

Projects Gallery

Erasmus Academy UK Ltd. is your trusted partner for education and talent development. Our participation in Erasmus+ funded projects and the Turing Scheme projects ensures that we are at the forefront of the international education landscape.